Position Your Business For Growth Through The Right People Practices

(Without Having To Hire Or Train A Whole HR Team!!)

The Value Of HR Beyond Payroll

Your people are your greatest assets. Unlock their potential.

Through our experience with hundreds of our clients over the past 5 years, one thing is clear - Applying and Systemising PROVEN HR PRACTICES are what impacts the company's bottom line the most.

Because of the growth in our clients, we were awarded numerous accolades including being one of the Fastest Growing Company in 2020 and 2021. 

If you are not doing any of these right,

you are NOT achieving your full potential!

What Most Businesses Do? 

But end up disappointed

Hire In-House

Price: $$$

You can ask your in-house HR to study all areas of employee lifecycle, develop, implement and communicate the plan while doing the admin work.... got the bandwidth?


Bandwidth is limited




May struggle giving bad news

Outsource Payroll

Price : $$

You can outsource your payroll to reduce the time and manage the people problems yourself.... got the energy?


No strategic value


Purely administrative


No data intelligence

Get A Consultant

Price : $$$$$

You can get a consultant but let's face it: Consultants are expensive and they leave you with blueprints for you to implement it yourself.... got the time?


Focus on design




No adaptability

How Does Align Group Do It? 

HR Business Partnering

Let Us Be Your Extended HR Business Partner

Here is exactly what you will get:

Align HR Policies via Employee Handbook 

Align Organisation Structure & Job Roles

Develop Performance Management

Develop Recruitment Strategies

Develop Rewards Structure

Identify Learning Needs

Develop Career Pathing Structure

Develop Talent Management For Succession

Set Up & Support Payroll Processing

Manage Leave Administration

Execute Performance Appraisal Cycles

Ongoing Advisory on HR Grants

Structure Communication Rhythm

Co-create Engagement Programmes

Guide Managers To Manage Disciplinary & Grievances

Guide Managers On Performance Coaching

Ongoing Advice On Any People Matters

Find out more

The Results? 

HR becomes proactive instead of reactive to business needs
Leaders improve their people management capabilities
A culture that attracts and retains your best people
Sustainable growth arising from maximising people's potential

Supported By An Experienced and Winning Team As Your Extended HR Department 

Our 8th Anniversary Special Offer!

Starts from ONLY

S$1500* / Month

*Price after Enterprise Development Grant funding. Only applicable to SMEs in Singapore.

Hear how we partnered our clients 

in their growth journey

"... I'm impressed with the strategy of recruitment and retention... our employees have a clearer picture of the company’s goals and strategies"

Tom Ng (Founder and Director)

"...We used to have only 20 employees, but today we have 1300 employees. Our workforce has grown 100 times and the difference is huge."

Thing Yi Hao (Managing Director)
Far East Packaging 

"Align group act as a bridge between the mgt and the staff...the people felt that we cared. There is a lot more trust as well, since we (the people) know there is somebody who knows what is going on."

Jamie Lim (Chief Executive Director)

"This helped us align our company with the employees and ensure alignment and goal clarity among everyone in the company”

Joseph Goh (Founder and Managing Director)


"... just by making small tweaks to one or two areas we were able to experience breakthrough in terms of results in our entire business."

Peh Zheng Yang (Director)


"This(Align’s project) helped them to establish trust with the company, thus a stronger engagement level at work.”

Michael Soh (Managing Director)
Redwood Interior


"Our staff is more aligned with the company's goals and have a very clear understanding of how they can help the company."

Rachel Chong (CEO)
Sweetest Moments 


“Instead of doing it alone, why not get an outsourced partner which can help you to grow faster with lesser resources

Lu Mang (CEO)
Havefun KTV 


"... I now have 20 people working together for their future, that is the difference."

Alan Chang (Managing Director)
OA International

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

Will you be helping out with the grant application process?

Yes! We will handhold you through the grant process and help out with the documentation as much as we possibly can.

Does your company recommend courses and relevant training grants?

Yes! We will be recommending the relevant courses based on Skills Framework and help processing relevant training grants to defray the cost.

Are you able to support my subsidiary in Malaysia?

Yes! We are able to support payroll and HR matters offsite for your subsidiary in Malaysia.

If I stop the service, will there be a handover session?

Yes! We will walk you through the process and with proper documentation so that your team will be equipped in executing the best practices even after we leave.

Is this solution applicable for MNCs?

Yes! However, your company may not be applicable for certain government grants that are eligible only for SMEs.

Would there be face-to-face sessions in-person with the HR Business Partner?

Yes! There will be face-to-face meetings, in addition to teleconference meetings, with our HR business partner. 

Position your business for growth.

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Executive Summary

From as little as S$1500/mth, we become your extended HR department to help you hire, reward, motivate, and develop your people.

Experienced HR Business Partner

We come in as a team of HR Admin Experts to work with you on delivering meaningful and pragmatic solutions that drive business growth through people.

Full Suite of HR Life Cycle

Let Align Group guide you through every stage of the HR Life Cycle, from Attraction, Recruitment, Development, to Succession. We got you!